CNAS sub-theme overview, resources, and video tutorials

New CNAS Sites

Your CNAS Organization Manager will spin up a new site with the CNAS Theme already in place. It is not mandatory for sites under CNAS to use the CNAS Theme. Let your Organization Manager know if your department, lab, center, etc. does not want to utilize the CNAS Theme. This can be selected on the Request a Website form.


Request a new Drupal site

Launch your Drupal website


Existing CNAS Sites

Any existing CNAS sites that are using the default or hybrid theme can switch to the CNAS theme. If the site is live (already launched at a domain), please be extra cautious and keep the following in mind:
  • View modes and styles for different components will be deferred in separate releases corresponding to UCR’s monthly releases.
  • A header image and footer image will automatically be available once the CNAS Theme is applied. In order to use a custom header or footer image, they must be approved by University Relations (for those outside CNAS) or the CNAS Organization Manager. Your Organization Manager can upload these images on your behalf. A header and footer image are OPTIONAL. If no images are present, then the CNAS Theme color will display in those sections.
  • Any blocks that have been placed using Block Layout will need to be placed in the CNAS Theme. Every theme has a separate Block Layout. Once the theme is enabled (but not set as default), you can place the block BEFORE switching themes. All CNAS sites are in Layout Builder, so this only applies to other campus units. You still have to switch to CNAS view modes in Layout when applying the CNAS theme to a website built in the UCR default or hybrid theme.
  • The CNAS Theme uses the full width layout on the <front> (home) page. This is by design. Other pages can either be full width or centered (fixed to grid). 
If any other issues are noticed, please email us at

This is the CNAS Science News RSS feed


Digital gaming on vaping devices
Digital games on vaping devices could lure more youth to nicotine addiction
Like other smart devices, smart vapes have high-definition animated displays
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Cage-free chickens are louse-y
Lice have been found feeding on the skin and blood of free-range chickens, which are infected at much higher rates than caged flocks.
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With spin centers, quantum computing takes a step forward
New devices could help find more efficient ways of storing and transferring information
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Infected cantaloupe plants
Wild plants and crops don’t make great neighbors
Native plants and non-native crops do not fare well in proximity to one another, attracting pests that spread diseases in both directions, according to two new UC Riverside studies. 
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Other Resources


ITS Blog: Progress and What's New


April 2024 Release
Update to Drupal core, social media icons, pagination fix on events, and accordion hover color accessibility
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January 2024 Release
Moving to Drupal 10, introducing the new rich text editor, and mandatory cookie consent banner
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November 2023 Release
UCR News articles now display the RSS Feeds it displays in. Color contrast ratio and aria label accessibility improvements.
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August 2023 Release
Changes going into this month's release include bug fixes, enhancements, and accessibility improvements.
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