How to create a Custom Header and Title for your auto-generated page

The Articles Preview is a visually appealing way to offer up articles on a page.  If you click on any individual article, at the bottom under the share links there is an auto-generated link to "More News" or "More Blog Posts" or "More... whatever".  This leads to an auto-generated page containing every news article, or every blog post, etc.  It is an archive of sorts.  

Auto-generated pages that display Articles, blog posts, press releases, etc, cannot be manually edited.  So we created a Custom Header & Title custom block to allow you to add a title and hero image to the page so that it has the same look as your other pages and can be as visually attractive as the Articles Preview itself.  View the tutorial to learn how!

View Tutorial  

Without custom block:
With custom block:
default look of an auto-generated page
custom title and header on an auto-generated page


View the live news listing page WITH the custom block here:

view /news



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