Image optimization

Image Optimization



These are our image optimization suggestions for CNAS websites:


  • 1920 x 624 px for tall banners on landing pages (approx. 160-200 KB recommended at 72 dpi)
  • 1920 x 455 px for regular header images (the same height as auto-cropped via the WYSIWYG editor header images with title on the image -- (approx. 120-150 KB recommended at 72 dpi)
  • 1920 x 913 px for homepage / <front> (approx. 300 KB recommended at 72 dpi) if not using the smaller 1920 x 624 px or 1920 x 455 px


Photoshop example for 1920 x 624 px at 72 dpi (go to Image > Image Size):

1920 x 624 image optimization


After cropping and adjusting, please save your banner images at approx. 160-200 KB.

Please make sure that no file exceeds 1 MB, if at all possible. Also, please optimize your PDFs.


Tip for efficiency: crop most of your images 1920 x 624 px and then adjust the image with the focal point if you are using it as a Header Image on your basic pages. So the same image can be used as both a carousel slider (1920 x 624 px), a Header Image (1920 x 455 px), and an article banner image etc., but you only have to upload it ONCE.


These are free online compression / optimization / cropping tools for you for to use (there are many more available online) if you don't have access to design software like the Adobe Creative Cloud:


Free JPEG & PNG compression online tool

free adobe compress pdf online tool

free online PNG cropping Tool



Examples of FREE stock photo (and video) websites to use for building your website:









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