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Creating Embed Code with UCR Profiles

Note: Since this video was made, CNAS changed the buttons in the profiles from yellow to blue.  You will see the yellow result in the video.

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In order to style your UCR Profiles in the CNAS theme (blue buttons), please place this line in the field "Custom Style Sheet URL (Advanced)":


Embed profiles
Embed profiles



How do I create UCR Profiles groups?


Check if you have Transactor / Profile Manager access by logging into your UCR Profiles account:


If you cannot see the tab "Manage Groups", you need to ask for permissions:

Transactor access



Please get Transactor access for UCR Profiles (your Department's SAA can give access). You can then create your groups by signing in on the top right corner of UCR Profiles (click the blue SIGN IN button), create and name groups and populate by adding people. These groups will have to be curated and manually updated. After you have created your groups, you can go ahead and get the embed codes for the website and place the code.

Please try to stick to a logical naming procedure so you can easily find your group in the long listing of groups on UCR Profiles. For instance:

 Botany & Plant Sciences Faculty
 Botany & Plant Sciences Emeriti Faculty
 Botany & Plant Sciences Adjunct Faculty


You do NOT need to embed the code again once created, your changes will automatically appear on the website (adding and removing people in the group).

Please note that only HR / UC Path on the backend can make changes in the Profiles themselves (people cannot change their titles, for instance).


View how to change your UCR Profiles buttons from red to blue directly in the code (if a group was already placed on your website):

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Learn more about embedding pre-built groups on

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