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Reserved page names:

These names are reserved for auto-generated pages.  If you create a page and give it one of these names, your page will overwrite the automatic archiving process.  Simply change the name to something like /cnas-events, or /our-blog, or /department-news. 

Do not use:   





Go to the segment discussing "Article Listing Pages" on to learn more about the Article Content Type:

Go to



Tip for image optimization efficiency: crop most of your images 1920 x 624 px and then adjust the image with the focal point if you are using it as a Header Image on your basic pages. So the same image can be used as both a carousel slider (1920 x 624 px), a Header Image (1920 x 455 px), and an article banner image etc., but you only have to upload it ONCE.



> Make sure you know about Show as Expanded when working with the Main Menu


> Never never never include the site root in a link


> Do not "Delete" when you click the pencil icon, only click "Remove block"


> Do not "Delete" blocks in "Block Layout", only "Disable" blocks







If you place your Social Media feeds in Info Cards, they will be scrollable (you can also adjust height and width):

CNAS Twitter Feed 


CNAS Facebook Feed


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