Frequently Asked Questions


  • I cannot access my website anymore using /cas | How do I login?

    /cas login only works on the homepage / <front> page.

    If you try to login on any sub-page of your website, you won't be able to login.

    To login, please open the homepage of your website in a browser and type /cas behind the URL. Then press "return" to login.

    This is an example of what you would do if you were to login on this website (if you were added as an authenticated user):

    CAS login example


    Then you hit "return" and login with your UCR Net ID (everything BEFORE, do not place your whole email address in the field) via CAS (Central Authentication Services):

    UCR Net ID CAS login


    If you still cannot login, please email us at and we'll look into it.

  • I clicked to edit my page and I see nothing to edit?!

    Fear not.  Watch this video to learn how to determine where you need to go to edit the content you wish to edit:

    Video tutorial

  • How can I edit "Body" content?

    Click the "Edit" tab and edit away with the WYSIWYG editor (aka "What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get" editor).   If you click the "Edit" tab and see nothing to edit, this most likely means that your page is comprised of custom blocks.  Learn how to determine this

    Edit bar


  • How can I edit custom blocks? How do I find custom blocks?

    If your page includes custom blocks, when you click on the "Edit" tab on the horizontal tab bar, you will not see their content to be able to edit.

    In this case, instead click "Layout" on the horizontal tab bar.  You will see all the blocks that exist on the page.  Find the block you want to edit, and click on the pencil icon to the top right of the block (if you don't see a pencil icon, hover your cursor around the top right of the block until the pencil icon appears).  Click "Configure" to find the Block Description of the block > copy the Block Description of the block > go to Structure > Block Layout > Custom block library and paste the name of the block in the search field > click "Apply" > click "Edit" button and edit the block. Don't delete blocks in the library, only remove blocks from a page in Layout Builder.  If you delete a block from the library, it is gone for good and if it has been used elsewhere in your site, an error message will appear where it had existed.  To remove a block from a page, click on that same pencil icon and choose remove.

    Watch an 8 minute video on how to determine where the content you want to edit lives, and how to get to it to edit it:

    View Video


  • Can I edit the "Body" or custom blocks directly in Layout Builder (clicking the "Layout" tab)?

    No, you cannot edit the body or custom blocks directly in Layout Builder.*  You can only edit the page layout by clicking the Layout tab.  However, you can learn where you need to go to edit the content you wish to edit by clicking on the Layout Tab: Watch this video to learn how to use Layout Builder to determine how to get to the content you want to edit, or read on...

    To edit a custom block:  Go to Structure > Block Layout > Custom block library and find / select the custom block you would like to edit.

    To edit the content in the body of a page:  Click the "Edit" tab to edit your body content.

    If you are in Layout Builder and you click on the pencil icon at the top right of the block, then "Configure", you will see the title of the block, or the category "Body" for the body block -- the pencil icon does not have an edit functionality in Layout Builder. The options are "Configure", "Move", and "Remove block".

    * If you are able to edit a custom block in Layout Builder, it's an inline custom block, which you should avoid (see "Inline Custom Blocks").  

  • I embedded profiles from but they don't have blue buttons

    Video tutorial (Since this video was made, CNAS changed the buttons in the profiles from yellow to blue.  You will see the yellow result in the video.)

    Click on the source button in the WYSISYG bar.  You'll see your embed code, which will look similar to this:

    <script src=""></script>
    <style type="text/css">#pe-cbe6ef62-d168-e750-1b70-c0d59c082cb7{width: 1px;min-width: 100%;border:none;min-height:300px;}
    <p><iframe height="100%" id="pe-cbe6ef62-d168-e750-1b70-c0d59c082cb7" src=";profilePictureMode=always&amp;viewProfileButtonMode=always&amp;showAlphaLinks=true&amp;
    &amp;disableSocialLinks=false&amp;excludeStudentEmployees=false" width="100%"></iframe><script>iFrameResize({bodyBackground:
    'transparent',heightCalculationMethod:'lowestElement'}, '#pe-cbe6ef62-d168-e750-1b70-c0d59c082cb7')</script></p>


    Look for the src parameters, and just before the end quote, paste this code:










    If you are grabbing the embed code while on the website, paste this code onto the Custom Stylesheet URL (Advanced) line. Make sure you click out of the area after you have pasted:

    profile-embed dialog box


  • How can I edit my department's information in the footer?
  • I took training last year learning "Panelizer" -- how can I learn "Layout Builder"?

    You might want to take the 2- hour ITS class again, Michelle Tabula now teaches Layout Builder only.

    Sign up here:


    Alternatively, please watch this Layout Builder walk-through video with Michelle (30 minutes):

    View Video


    Can't find your custom blocks with Layout Builder? Watch this 8-minute video:

    View Video


  • I am so lost, I don't know what I am doing ...

    Please take the 2-hour ITS Drupal training before you start editing / building a UCR Drupal website.

    Sign up here (CNAS preferred, but the general training works as well):


  • I am not with CNAS, can I use the CNAS theme regardless?

    Yes, absolutely, any unit on campus may use our theme (you do not need our permission). Please familiarize yourself with the theme before you make the decision to use it. 

    We highly recommend that you take Michelle Tabula's 2-hour CNAS Drupal training before you start editing a CNAS sub-theme Drupal website.

    You can also take the general ITS Drupal 2-hour training, but the CNAS theme Drupal training will prepare you much better to use the CNAS theme, so we recommend CNAS over general training.

    Sign up


    Let us know when you are done building and show us your website after the launch :-)

  • I have created blocks but they don't show up on my website

    You need to change your blocks from "Draft" (default) to "Published". They also need to be placed on a page (don't forget to click the button "Save layout"). Taa daaa.








    Easy button / gif
  • I have placed a custom block in "Layout" but it doesn't show up

    You need to click the button "Save layout", custom blocks won't auto-save when placed in Layout Builder.

  • I want my embeds to have blue buttons, how do I do this?

    View this 7 minute tutorial       Then you can grab the code you need here   (note the video shows a yellow button result.  Your result will be blue buttons.)

  • I want my articles to be listed automatically, but it doesn't work

    Reserved page names:

    These names are reserved for auto-generated pages.  If you create a page and give it one of these names, your page will overwrite the automatic archiving process.  Simply change the name to something like /cnas-events, or /our-blog, or /department-news. 

    Do not use:   





    Go to the segment discussing "Article Listing Pages" on to learn more about the Article Content Type:



  • How do I "Flush my cache"?

    If you hover over the blue droplet Drupal icon at the top left of your screen, you'll see the option to "Flush all caches".  Click that.  Drupal caches some items to make loading faster.  But sometimes the changes you make do not show because the system is using an older version in the cache.  Flushing gets rid of that data so you can see a fresh copy.

    drupal icon and flush cache option
  • I am so lost, I don't know what I am doing ...

    Please take the 2-hour ITS Drupal training before you start editing / building a UCR Drupal website.

    Sign up here (CNAS preferred, but the general training works as well):

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